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Your People are your strength

Human Factors Training saved Global Aviation

40 years ago Airlines faced a catastrophic 50+ hull losses each year

  • 80% of the solution was through Human Factors Training - Only 20% was technical

  • Human Factors was developed by NASA and refined over many years by experts worldwide

  • Ad Astra was founded by Airline Pilots who are professionals in this field, to bring these hard-won new tools to all sectors of the economy

  • We combine Human Factors Training with Human Performance Testing and Coaching

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What is Human Factors?

Human factors is a science; it recognises and develops a set of skills that we all inherently have that allow us to think and act logically, rather than letting our emotional instincts control us. This stops small problems becoming big problems and big problems becoming catastrophes.

At the heart of this process is unlocking individual potential for the greatest levels of productivity and safety. We help redefine interfaces between individuals, teams and machinery to eliminate error, and have a series of programs to gain buy-in from all parties and to develop the areas that will benefit all.

What can our Professional Development Paths do for you?

The most cost-effective solution for fundamental change

Technical solutions cover up fundamental issues - Humans are responsible for 80% of accidents and incidents which is why only Human Factors and Human Performance Training can make change permanent and effective.

Human Factors skills are directly applicable to any organisation; you don't need any expensive new equipment - we work solely with what, or rather who you have already.

We combine Human Factors with individual and team testing, plus performance training using our unique tools to assess your exact needs and tailor the solution precisely.

Human Factors is so critical to Aviation that it is mandated by law worldwide. You can unleash this power too.

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Increase efficiency

Colleagues who use these competencies are much more likely to be engaged with their company, to do their best each day and to have higher quality of life. Their companies enjoy increased profits and reduced employee turnover. You can achieve fundamental change positively and unleash the performance you have always wanted.

Inspire commitment

Our tools inspire your colleagues to realise their professional and human potential, enhancing performance and effectiveness as a team member. We embed these competencies, creating a powerful new company culture. This brings improved reputation, better productivity, plus greater harmony and contentment in the workforce.

Unique to you

We help you to plan and clear the path direct to your goals - applying only the modules you need. We present our powerful tools in an enlightening, enjoyable, exciting and hard-hitting way, supplemented by ongoing developmental support customised to your needs. All our trainers are current or former Pilots who have expertise in this field and direct experience of the positive change this course will bring.

We test and train individuals and teams

We assess your personnel to offer a unique combination of targeted training designed around company needs. We bring out specific human competencies and train your teams to demonstrate the skills your business needs.

The Outcome

  • Conflict will be replaced with cooperation and contentment
  • Silos will be replaced with an open and honest working culture
  • Blame will be replaced with self-evaluation and learning
  • Resistance will be replaced with self-motivation
  • Improved communication will lead to greater collaboration
  • Protective barriers will be removed as motivated teams are built
  • Establishing a motivated team will create higher levels of engagement
  • Improved engagement will lead to a higher performing workforce

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Change is certain - prepare for it or be left behind

Pandemics, globalisation, digitalisation, economic crises, corporate social responsibilities, environmental issues and instant communication, all demand qualities in a workforce that are agile and robust. In its basic form, this is all about survival, so we must continue to adapt to our changing world. We help you achieve this change and leave you with control of your future.

We offer ongoing support on a long-term basis and will work with your organisation to ensure these are developed and implemented into the workplace.

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