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In todays competitive world those organisations which have the strongest competencies and skills succeed; how does yours perform? What do you excel at? What are you missing? Find out your organisational competency set with our 70 question Performance Indicator Assessment. This will highlight your current performance and offer precise feedback tailored to you alone.

The test offers unrivalled insights into your workplace - we test your colleagues as individuals and as teams to ensure you have the right skills in the right places, and offer training to both extend your advantages and rectify any weaknesses. We offer both individual testing via the link below, and organisation wide access codes which collates results team by team and across the board.

In addition to testing your team we train organisations in Human Factors - the powerful all-encompassing technique that has revolutionised aviation and now medical safety and human performance.

We unlock what your teams excel at, and what they may need help with, ensuring you have the right balance of skills across the board.

No other organisation has access to this unique and extremely accurate assessment tool, which can be taken online, with instant feedback, both individually, by team and across your entire organisation.

In this way we can measure the changes that your unique training plan achieves.
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The Online Assessment counts as one hour's worth of CPD accredited Continuous Professional Development.

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